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russ shachb president vladimir putin will not be attending. one of the crises is the economic and political crisis in europe. maryland's top earns will be paying more. they'll pay more on those earning more than $100,000 a year and couples who make more than $150,000. governor martin o'malley called lawmakers back to annapolis for a special session to deal with the budget. maryland would have faced a half billion dollars in spending cuts if they had not passed it. hundreds of architects took part in the two-year come pe tugs. the first, the people's forum. the second winner you and me. his design create as circle lal path way around the monument.
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at different points the wall will be bigger, steps rise and fall along thing path causing visitors to experience the display different ways at different points. both pieces of architect will be on display until early this month. two were picked to design the washington monument grounds 678 the national park service oversees the national mall. the agent is preparing this design for a environmental and historic preservation review. 4:31. time for a first look at our forecast. we had a beautiful day, very warm. wonder if we're going to get more of the same, tom. >> i mowed yesterday. i got up and i'm going to have know again. the grass is growing so fast with the recent rain we had and the strong may sun. yes, we're off to a beautiful
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start. as we look at temperatures, off to a cool start. it's now dipping down into the 50s around the shenandoah valley and into west virginia and western maryland. closer to washington now, temperatures are bottoming out near 60 degrees. yet arlington, fairfax, montgomery and prince georges. reagan national is at 69. we will have our temperatures warming up again today, but not as kwarm as yesterday. here is your planner. by by 9:00, upper 60s. then the clouds will be breaking up. temperatures by noontime should make it into the low 70s. mid-70s by mid afternoon. then late afternoon before sunset back down to the low 70s. sunrise this morning. 5 clrch 54. sunset at 8:16. i'm back with another update coming up at 4:41. danella is here with traffic.
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good morning. >> checking out things on i-66. eastbound and fairfax county parkway. had constructionful it was in the roadway. travel lanes are open in this area. now, westbound at 50. traveling on 66 west, have roadwork set up and it is still -- the cones are still blocking that right lane in this area. be aware of that. your volume is light westbound but just watch out for that work zone there. traveling along i-270, no issues in this area. as you're making your way between frederick and the beltway, you're clear in both directions, not seeing any construction or incidents to warn you about right now. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> today closing arguments expected to get under way. the defense team rested its case without edwards, his daughter or former mistress taking the stand. they focused on campaign finance laws. they noted the money in question was never classified as campaign
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donations. edwards is accused of arranging to use nearly a million dollars in campaign money to hide his mistress during the 2008 presidential campaign. he's denied those charges. the jury will begin deliberations tomorrow. the white house is sharpening its attacks on mitt romney. vice president joe biden will continue his tour across ohio today, a key battleground state in the upcoming election. yesterday he blasted romney saying he simply does not understand the problems of the working class. he also touted the white house's economic policies. he told the residents in ohio while it was a slow recovery, there would be no recovery under romney. and romney picked up another supporter. herman cain and another former candidate michele bachmann. he said he didn't have any plans on joining him on the campaign
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trail. this morning d.c. residents and the music world are mourning the loss of chuck brown. he passed away yesterday at the age of 75 after a short bout with pneumonia. charl charles music career. the north carolina native got his start in the '60s playing his guitar for a d.c.-based latin band. by the early '70s charles got into his own. the godfather go-go is what the world came to call brown. it became synonymous with d.c. >> they heard funk before, it's just another form of funchy music with a lot of percussion
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and sound. >> let me hear you say oh it's got that latin and that african feel to it. >> just one more time. >> in and out of trouble with the law in his youth, brown taught himself to play guitar in prison. he and his go-go beat became world known landing his first billboard numb were one heat with "bustin' loose." he was nominated in 2010 at the age of 74. >> if i hit that stage, i right in a rage and forget about my age. >> chuck brown never turned his back on his home. he stayed a staple of d.c. events that became important with his community. he spent his time with students around the district never forgetting how a young shoeshine
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boy hung around the music halls and turn add dream into a reality. >> i'm deeply inspired by james brown and a host of other artists. i wanted my owen sound and was trying to create my own sound but it turned out to be a sound for everybody. ♪ >> chuck brown's fans celebrated his music. they danced in the streets. take a look at the video. this is where brown performed for the final time. his music transcended generations. d.c. council member barry calls him a d.c. icon and young local musicians say he influenced them too. >> he just was a genius musician-wise. he gould from jazz to hip-hop to go-go to rock 'n' roll, anything in between that. >> he created a style of music,
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not just that, but he was a role model to afrts and to just people in general to let you know to continue go for your goal. chuck brown meant the world to d.c. >> chuck brown's family has not yet announced funeral plans. we'll have much more and there's more on his life and legacy on his website. go to for his memories about the origins of go-go and its impact on washington, and you can also see his life in pictures. this was a man that a lot of artists were on twitter yesterday talking about the influence and impact he had on all the different types of music that are out there now. he made a mark, left an impression. >> indeed. >> and a lot of people are missing him and jamming out if you will to his music. >> that's right. honoring his music, especially the people in d.c. he meant so much to the city by putting it on the map with the go-go. big loss, huge loss. it is now 4:38.
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67 degrees. dealing with another tragedy. what we're learning about the sudden death of robert kennedy jr.'s former wife. >> now the minority. the historic shift we're seeing with the new borns in this country. a cooler start as we head out the door. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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that ball is launch to left and it is gone. >> adam laroche who had one of those homers and then drove in three runs late in the game. it was also the 1,000th hit of his career. ge geo gonzalez had a great night too. >> that was the beauty of baseball. then you make this biggs turnaround, 7-4 win. >> my first grader caught a pop fly in his little league game yesterday. i'm just saying. >> hat's off to him. let's go tom kierein and get the forecast. >> today's going be a home run. beautiful day, wispy high clouds. reagan national's at 69. elsewhere darker green. generally in the suburbs, we're right around 60. light now in manassas we're around 60. by mid morning still in the low 60s and a few clouds in and out
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by noon time. then overnight tonight it's going be cooler by midnight, down the 50s. this time tomorrow morning into the 40s. a look at friday and the weekend. your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. how's traffic? >> taking the beltway, starting in virginia, if you're taking the outer loop only the left lane get fwis roadwork there. to the inner loop of the beltway, this time at little river, they get by. traveling on the inner loop, two of the right lanes will get you by the roadwork there, but the beltway in montgomery county, nice and clear. traveling on the outer loop of the beltway, you're traveling at posted speeds. >> learning more about what happened that night. what newly released evidence is revealing about the death of trayvon martin. the incident that caused
4:44 am
this horse to swim out several miles out from shore.
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the kennedy family is coping with another strategy this morning. mary kennedy, robert kennedy jr.'s estranged wife was found dead in the home. police have not said how she died but she took her own life. she had struggled with substance abuse for years and had a number of run-ins with the law. they had four kids, her oldest was 17. she was 52. the oh fishlg medich offici report says he died of a single
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gunshot wound and an abrasion quarter of an inch below his left ring finger below his knuckle. drugs listed on zimmerman's report include adderall and a sleep medication. he's charged with second-degree murder in martin's death. he claims self-defense when he shot martin in february. the fbi has offered a $150,000 reward for information on the suspect. one person is responsible for sending nearly 400 letters all over the country including here in d.c. agents believe the suspect somewhere in north texas. the letters have shown up in schools, restaurants and offices. many of the letters refer to al qaeda, the nazis, and the fbi. >> this person is disrupting people's lives and we want it to stop, so we're asking for the public's help and we're speaking
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to family members, friends, and neighbors to help us identify this individual. >> in all of the cases authorities determine that powder to be harmless. this morning two men are in custody following the chase in prince george's county and the district. police are investigating whether the men are those fake officers they've been looking for. the chase ended when the men in the black suv crashed into two cars and aly mow bus in northeast washington. you s you can see the bangled mess there. it started when a d.c. officer spotted the suv matching the description of the suv used by the fake officers. police arrested both mechb in the suv. one of them was taken to the hospital in nonlife-threatening injuries. no one was hurt. a new warning this morning about the danger of open wonders. montgomery police say a
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2-year-old is in critical condition after she fell from a second-story window and fell on a deck. she was found uncorn shus when the emergency crews arrived. her injuries are considered life-threatening. and police are looking for three people who shout two university students in broad day late. a man was hit in the leg, a woman in the foot. both victims are expected to be oklahoma. the star witness in the roger clemens perjury trial will be back on the stand for a fourth day today after two hours of aggressive cross-examination. yesterday clemens' lawyer attacked brian mcnamee's testimony saying, quote, do you sometimes make stuff up. he was clem the school board is set to meet
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today to consider several options for fee and tuition increases. three options are being considered. they include 3.2%, 3.9%, and 4.9%. they asked leaders to hold down in-state tuition increases. for the first time in u.s. history most of the country's babies are members of minority groups. that's according to new census figures. it shes that 50.4% of children younger than 1 last year were part of a minority group than is up from april 2010. of the total births in 2011, about 26% were hispanic, 15% were black, and 4% were asian. >> all right. there you go. >> the melting pot that is our country. >> it is. let's turn to meteorologist tom kierein now. we had a beautiful day yesterday and we'd like a carbon copy today. >> by popular demarjsd think we will.
4:51 am
>> bravo. >> you'll need a light jacket. right now it is just near 60 in charles county, in prince george's as well as arlington, fairfax, and montgomery. much of the region to our west and north has dipped down into the 50s. the panhandle of west virginia and much of the shenandoah valley into central west virginia in the lower 50s. right near the bay waters, annapolis down to pax river and east bridge and cambridge, it's near 70. we do have some of these high clouds drifting in from the southwest heading northeast. they're moving across the bay. much of the region to our west is nice and clear this morning. you see the summer triangle. the stars are overhead an we'll have a few of these wispy high clouds with us through this morning. sunrise is at 9:54. we'll have our temperatures to mid and upper 60s and we'll have increasing sunshine for your lunch hour. by noontime it will be gorgeous. perfect, right into the comfort zone into the low 70s.
4:52 am
by mid afternoon, we ought to peak into the mid-70s. what will be drop back down to near 70 by sunset which today is at 8:16 and then going to have a clear night torcht and by dawn tomorrow a cool start. much of the region starting off friday morning. another beautiful day tomorrow. afternoon highs into the mid and upper 70s. and friday night, mostly clear. down to the 50th by dawn saturday. and saturday afternoon. sunny near 80 degrees. sunday, there's some uncertainty whether north we're going get any showers. we could have a spassing shower on sunday. stay tuned. there is some uncertainty about that. then there's greater chance of passing showers with highs in the 70s. i'll be back in ten minutes. another update. danella has an update now. good morning. >> good morning. if you've traveling along 295 in maryland, things look good for you. between the baltimore beltway
4:53 am
and dap tall beltway, your speed at 100. making your way toward goddard, you're near here. in both directions as you make your way north of beltway, you're clear, not seeing any accidents and you're driving at about 63 miles an hour. nine minutes to get from 216 to the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at the rails. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> take a look at this. a horse somehow became spooked on the beach during a photo shoot in santa barbara and went for a swim. the horse ran out about two miles. it took several rescue boats tout get him. the horse is set to be exhausted but in good health. it's been four years since the deadly battle.
4:54 am
>> one american soldier who sacrificed himself to save his fellow man that day now has the highest military honor. president obama presented the medal of honor to the widow of sergeant leslie sabo jr. they were surrounded by north vietnamese soldiers. he protected them from grenade blasts and used his own. his widow says she knows the medal can't bring her husband back but she's happy he's recognized. >> he held onto that grenade until the last possible minute and let it go knowing what the outcome was going to be but saving a lot of living. we thank him and everyone else for their service. your time is 4:54. here's some news that's bound to perk you up. enjoy extra coffee. why that cup of morning joe could help you live longer. but first, promising more than they can deliver.
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the price sketcher is paying for the claim it
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welcome back. skechers will pay $40 million to settle charges it made on unfounded claims. the shoe company claimed the shape-ups helping people lose
4:58 am
weight, tone lower muscles and combat heart disease. the federal trade commission is an important step in making sure markets have validation. those who purchased the shoes will be eligible for refunds. a dc food truck is under fire. the fojol brothers serve food. one man saw the employees' outfits and feels it a misrep sepation of the indian culture. there's now a position online calling them to change their outits. >> if you're going to sell indian or ethiopian cuisine and you're going to market yourself, do so in a respectful way. >> the kind of mockery they've made is the exoticism.
4:59 am
>> they say they mean no disrespect with their outits. the organizers plan to gif the pe it is when it hits a thousand. >> today the blue angels will be flying into town. the legendary aircraft will help celebrate the 100th anniversary. in addition to that the golden parachutes demonstration team will wow the crowd this weekend. there will be dozens of military planes on display. the 2012 air show is tomorrow morning and free. also an amazing show. every time i see the blue angels come into town i need go do that. >> sometimes they allow members of the media to do that. i'm kind of scared. >> we need to put a camera in the cockpit. >> you won't have anything to do with it. >> i'm not a heights person. i don't do roller coasters.

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